Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.


The key to all things lies in finding the simple in the complex.
This is the belief that underlies our programs.

Einstein also said it, in his way “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” And, following Einstein's words, each of us can be a genius.

So, what do we do: we teach you how to get the simplicity out of the complexity. Why? Because we believe that this is a key learning, which opens the door to high quality relationships, to individual and collective well-being (teams, organizations, family), to the evolution of systems and growth in harmony. It is a learning for a lifetime, not for today’s or tomorrow’s goals.

Coaching is the path we’ve chosen to fulfill this mission and our short and long-term coaching programs are the means to transmit these learnings.

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Each Pleiade program is more than a course in which information is delivered to you. It is a space created so that it facilitates each participant's discoveries about themselves, a space where you learn primarily about yourself, about what you do and you do not know you are doing, but you know that things often end in blockages, confusion, fear. It is a space created for you to discover what you need in order to achieve self-fulfillment and spectacular ways to achieve it, without struggle and effort.
Humans develop in relation with humans. Each Pleiade program is focused on observation and self-observation, so that you become aware of your relating patterns, aware of the things that build and/or tear down your personal and professional relationships. You will discover, in a space of non-judgment and authenticity, what is it that you generate around you and how you can contribute to the harmonious growth of the systems you are part of, at home or at work.
Pleiade coaching programs are designed in accordance with national and international professional standards, including: practical and theoretical learning of the core-competencies that define the coaching profession, deep understanding of the Code of Ethics and clear understanding of the professional coach responsibility and mindset.
Pleiade community has over 100 members, who meet regularly, in the spirit of serving their neighbor and the intention of growing together. Within the Pleiade community, you can always find a member eager to practice coaching skills in peer-to-peer sessions. "Let's make the world a more beautiful place TOGETHER!" is the motto that always reconnects us.
Pleiade community is the place where you will always find support, both in understanding and practicing the coaching profession, as well as in solving your life situations, because there is more than one trainer at the service of the others, serving the others is every Pleiadian’s job!
Mioara Șoldan
“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” (J. Dewey)